Storm Ventures Announces Fund VII

Today we are excited to officially announce our new $200m+ fund, Storm VII. We have already added a few new investments in recent months. We are grateful for the support and confidence of so many incredible entrepreneurs and limited partners who have collaborated with us over the past two decades. The focus for Fund VII remains the same as prior funds: partner with early revenue companies in the enterprise and B2B SaaS markets globally, where we can help companies unlock growth.

Markets have changed dramatically in the past year with rising uncertainty about how the higher interest rate environment will impact startups and the broader technology sector. At the same time, however, the future for technology has never been brighter. Leveraging technology is now a part of virtually every industry in every geography — and founders continue to find ways to create new and innovative products to solve business challenges.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with many great founders and companies that have successfully disrupted their markets — companies like Airespace, MobileIron, Marketo, Sandforce, Splashtop, Talkdesk, Algolia, Workato, Honeycomb and many more. In difficult times, great companies are created. We have no doubt this will be the case again. Airespace was founded just after the 2000 market crash and went on to become the category leader in enterprise wifi and was eventually acquired by Cisco.

Throughout Storm’s 22-year history, and six top-quartile funds, we have always worked closely with our founders — in boom times as well as challenging times. With Fund VII, we are excited to back the next generation of B2B entrepreneurs who are building category-defining companies. The Storm team continues to be small and agile (including our fund size), working closely with our founders and their teams to unlock growth and lay the foundation for success.

As we shift to investing out of Fund VII, we want to again thank our entrepreneurs and our limited partners who continue to support us and believe in our team. We are grateful for your partnership on this journey and look forward to many years to come.

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