Get Ready to Revolutionize Your DevOps Experience with System Initiative

DevOps has been around since the early 2000s and has been a term used to signify the integration and automation of software development and IT operations. DevOps has served as an ideal state for many, but also one that is often elusive. This is especially true as technologies shift, teams change, and companies strive to do even more with software.

Although the concept of DevOps has been around for many years, the experiences many organizations have had with building strong DevOps practices have been mediocre at best. However, with the rapidly changing technology industry, DevOps is becoming less of an ideal and more of a critical attribute for organizations that want to leverage technology to power their business into the future.

Storm Ventures has long been passionate about enterprise software, and over the last twenty-two years, it has invested in many companies that went on to challenge the status quo. While the technology industry has evolved a great deal over the last two decades, today the industry is changing even more rapidly than ever before. And those products and technologies that are shaping the future of enterprise software are innovating at an even faster pace. With this rate of change, DevOps is becoming less of an ideal, but more of a critical attribute for those organizations that want to leverage technology to power their business into the future.

Given this pace of innovation, Storm Ventures is leaning into investing more deeply in enterprise infrastructure tooling, unlocking growth for the next wave of companies and products that will be necessary to support the innovation to come. System Initiative is one such company that Storm Ventures has invested in and today is launching their new product into private beta. System Initiative is a new intelligent automation platform that allows DevOps teams to build a detailed interactive simulation of their infrastructure and use it to rapidly update production environments.

Adam Jacob, the founder and CEO of System Initiative, is a long-time leader in the DevOps space. As the former co-founder and CTO of Chef, he is well-versed in the challenges organizations face as they build out and scale their DevOps practices. Adam has taken the lessons he has learned over the past decade and built a product that addresses the needs of the modern DevOps team.

System Initiative is pushing the boundaries of what it means to deliver a DevOps experience inside an organization by drastically improving the daily workflow for those teams that continue to ensure their organizations are able to write, deploy, and manage software at scale. By completely reimagining the user experience and delivering a near real-time, visual modeling system that gives users the power and control they need, System Initiative has created a focused, collaborative experience that is accessible for teams that want to improve their experience in managing their software development environments.

The platform also features intelligent automation that infers configuration and automatically writes necessary code, fast feedback loops that provide immediate insight into configurations, and customization capabilities. In short, it is a DevOps power tool for experts out there looking for a leg up in running their environments.

What’s even more exciting is the strong focus on community that System Initiative places. In addition to making the software fully open-sourced in the coming months, they are also inviting all DevOps builders and innovators to join their community on Discord or sign up for the private beta to explore what the next generation of DevOps will look like. System Initiative is pioneering the next wave of DevOps tools.

At Storm, we are thrilled to back a founding team and company that continues to push the boundaries of the enterprise infrastructure industry, taking the DevOps experience to the next level while addressing long-term pain points. We are excited to see where System Initiative takes the DevOps movement to next.

Contributed by Abby Kearns, EIR at Storm, and former CTO of Puppet and Ryan Floyd, Managing Director at Storm Ventures.

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