Dasera: Instant Data Governance, Compliance, Privacy, and Security

The data that businesses store and utilize is increasing rapidly. Alongside scaling their data infrastructure, companies must prioritize security, privacy, and accessibility to serve their customers effectively. This requires collaboration among privacy, security, and governance teams, often leading to complex and conflicting requirements that make data governance and management a critical yet challenging task. Recent regulations to track data lineage and usage has further added to the difficulty of being compliant and to the urgency of solving this large problem.

“Over time and through acquisitions, our data infrastructure has become siloed with little oversight on who has access to what data. Dasera made it easy to setup a workflow to identify PII, enable access and notify the appropriate privacy and security teams. It is very simple and fast to use.” — Customer

A unique approach: Continuous Data Governance and Compliance

Dasera solves this problem for data at rest, in usage and across the entire data lifecycle. One of the unique aspects of the platform is that it identifies and protects data across the stack while learning about how data is used, by whom and ultimately when something could be at risk. This includes:

  1. Infrastructure layer sitting at cloud provides
  2. Various data stores including local and cloud databases
  3. The attributes of the individual data fields
  4. Data users and administrators
  5. Use cases where data is touched and utilized

Dasera takes all the layers above and stitches them together allowing the security, data and legal teams to collaborate seamlessly. This provides a business with visibility into the data usage enabling it to rapidly and continuously become compliant. Today, this is primarily a manual process, which is slow, expensive and error-prone. Dasera provides all of this along with insights, remediation and improvement plans.

Dasera tells us exactly who has access to what data and when it was accessed along with an audit trail. An investigation that took 3–4 weeks takes 3–4 hours today.” — customer

Some aspects of the platform include

  • Automatically monitor infrastructure context, including new cloud data stores, misconfigurations, and new data fields
  • Agentless: no invasive software on employee machines
  • Generate data context via automated data classification and tagging
  • Monitor user context via automated employee directory integration, permission analysis, and proprietary SQL analysis
  • Encode all Security, Privacy and Compliance policies with Dasera’s no-code policy editor
  • No drag on employee productivity due to false positives
  • Keep a real-time inventory of data stores and data fields and avoid manual audits and alert Data Owners to new fields, and enable them to supervise classification and tagging
  • Create custom workflows to notify appropriate team members of security alerts, potential privacy violations, and compliance issues

Dasera has deeper context for data than anyone in the market. It does this through numerous integrations but also a data engine that continuously samples data to understand where risk might lie without needing to process all the data. Finally, the automation of old and new workflows frees up resources and reduces cost.

“Light up Dasera and almost instantly get actionable data and visibility into problems that you did not know you had. Dasera provides time savings, risk management, allows you to classify data much faster.” — Customer

An Incredible Team

One of the most exciting parts about Dasera is the experience and strength of the team. Ani, Noah and the rest of the team have decades of experience building data products for industry leaders and have built a platform to help enterprises become data driven in a safe and compliant way instantly.

We are thrilled to partner with the team on their journey. If you’d like to join the team on their journey, Dasera is hiring! And if you’d like to demo of their unique solution, make sure to reach out to the company here.