“Mastering Product Experience in SaaS”

We — the team here at Storm — often talk about how defining the “new way” of doing anything requires companies to be provocative, yet understanding; inspirational, yet realistic; and it requires companies to not only find their grassroots but to mobilize them.

Aptrinsic is defining the new way

This week, one of our portfolio companies, Aptrinsic, defined the “new way” for product managers everywhere at an event called “Mastering Product Adoption and Growth.” The event hosted speakers that included Jeetu Patel, the CPO of Box, and Ken Rudin, Head of Growth and Analytics at Google.

The event focused on providing practical tips about how product impacts the go-to-market. Throughout the evening there was a refrain around the idea that to keep customers — thereby increasing CLV/LTV — you need to think about product market fit as a continues journey between the customer and the product team. And that for the product team to be successful, they need tools and data to inform strategy. But, perhaps just as important as the educational elements of the event, it acted as a community forum that brought together thought-leaders.

Lastly, the event also represented an opportunity for the founders, Nick Bonfiglio and Mickey Alon, to share with the community a printed version of their new book, which is a compilation of their experiences building products and leveraging products in go-to-market activities. Fundamentally, it provides a framework around how to not only build products that people love, but products that help make it easier for you customers to try and buy.

Over-all, the event was fantastic, and I look forward to attending many more and continuing to engage with the thought provoking community that Aptrinsic is developing!

Download their E-book!

Get the digital copy of the book here: https://www.aptrinsic.com/product/
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