Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma is an EIR and Venture Partner at Storm Ventures where he is focused on building software companies that leverage the power of SaaS, mobile and cloud by working with closely with early stage entrepreneurs. His motto is “your company is an App now” – as he envisions industries ranging from healthcare to banking being redefined by everything as a service delivered on the supercomputer in our pockets.

Earlier, Anshu was vice president of product management at where he was responsible for the platform product and strategy for over 7 years. He also served on CEO Marc Benioff’s Product Strategy Committee. He helped grow the Salesforce platform from single digits to hundreds of million in revenue through new products and acquisitions.

Prior to Salesforce, Anshu rose through the ranks at Oracle starting out as an engineer and product manager. He helped Oracle build a $500M+ business in data integration from scratch by delivering new products, and then built a $300M+ identity management business through M&A, and was responsible for Oracle’s earliest forays into building out a SaaS platform.

Anshu is an active angel investor and startup advisor. He was early seed investor in companies like Nutanix the one of fastest growing software company of the last decade valued at over $2B in last round backed by Goldman Sachs and Fidelity. Other investments include CloudVolumes which was acquired successfully by VMware, PubNub (IOT PaaS), Algolia (search SaaS), Logikcull (eDiscovery SaaS), SourceClear (code security SaaS), Aviso (forecasting SaaS), SweetIQ (local analytics SaaS), etc.

Anshu is a Charter Member at TiE where he serves the needs of the next generation of entrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring. He is an active blogger on his blog which is also syndicated on Enterprise Irregulars.

Anshu has a B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, and an M.S. in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



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