MobileIron Enterprise Mobile IT

Ajay Mishra, Cofounder

“As a cofounder of AireSpace (acquired by Cisco) and MobileIron, I have worked closely with Tae Hea in the founding and success of both companies. He understands the sausage-making process of startups very well. More specifically, he helped me recruit the founders, develop the business plan, close the other investors, and provided key counsel as a board member. I would recommend him as the founding investor for any start-up.”

Bob Tinker, Cofounder

“I’ve had two laps around the track with Storm and Tae Hea—first was Airespace sold to Cisco in 2005—then our current company MobileIron, which we are building to be stand alone profitable company. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tae Hea closely in both companies. Tae Hea finds core strategic market theses and backs a team to tackle it. Tae Hea has great coaching instincts, doesn’t get hung up on the details, and has the knack to see through all the noise and smoke and focus in on the one or two “knobs” that matter. His focus on building capital efficient companies is a source of long term value. As an entrepreneur, he is very helpful at the early stage fundraising all the way through the latter stage business strategy when scaling and focusing on cost of sales. He trusts the executives to do the right thing but won’t waver to deliver a tough message. I respect Tae Hea and I look forward to 3rd lap around the track with him and Storm.”


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