AireSpace Enterprise WLAN switching system

Brett Galloway, CEO

“I really enjoyed working with Tae Hea when I was at Airespace. Tae Hea Nahm was the founding investor of Airespace, a successful wireless LAN systems startup acquired by Cisco in 2005 for $450mm. Tae Hea did a great job pulling together the founding team and setting them on a path systematically to determine customers’ top problems with wireless LAN’s and to create an innovative architecture to address those problems. As successful as we were later in bringing the Airespace products to market, the seeds of our success were planted before I arrived, in Tae Hea’s hands-on mentoring of the founding team as interim CEO. When I joined as CEO, Tae Hea graciously handed over the reins (and they were great reins!). Thereafter I was the grateful beneficiary of Tae Hea’s incisive counsel. He is great at quickly coming to the heart of a matter and gently suggesting a way forward. We were in a fast-moving and highly competitive space; Tae Hea’s support made a huge difference to me and the company. In all, Tae Hea was a great partner, along with the rest of the board, as we rapidly grew the company and came to a great exit. I heartily recommend Tae Hea as an investor and board member.”

Bob Friday, Cofounder

“My career has been shaped by two start ups- Metricom and Airespace. Both were great and memorable experiences but Airespace was undoubtedly a case study on how you would want a start up to go. Airespace started as a vision at Storm Ventures around wireless in the enterprise and the incubation  of four founders in their offices. I was fortunate enough to be one those founders and get to work with the partners of Storm Ventures. Tae Hea Nahm who is a partner at Storm ventures was our founding CEO and provided us key  leadership in the early days of the company. While there are many factors to the success of any start-up, one of the key ones is understanding the problem and opportunity. Tae Hea provided the leadership, industry contacts and time necessary to understand the problem and define the product that allowed us to successfully raise money and ultimately deliver the solution that the market was looking for. So while there are many things needed for the success of a start-up, one of the key ones for any founder is correctly defining the solution up front and minimizing any course corrections that would require unplanned fund raising.  With Storm’s support and Tae Hea’s early leadership in the company as CEO and later as a board member, Airespace  was a great successful 3 ½ year adventure from defining the solution, fundraising, hiring the development and executive team to ultimately a very successful acquisition by Cisco.”

Bob O’Hara, Cofounder

“The entire team at Storm provided invaluable advice and support, particularly Tae Hea Nahm acting as our CEO for the first 14 months. Their attitude of “customers first” aligned very well with our desire to solve a real problem with our products, not just introduce a new technology for its own sake. Their introductions to other venture firms and their personal relationships with the partners in those firms led directly to our successfully filling out all of our funding rounds. After closing our A round, Storm continued to support us, introducing potential employees, customers, and suppliers. Their network of contacts in the industry and our potential market was quite extensive. Without Storm, our path might have been very different and, possibly, much less successful.”


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