Berkäna Wireless Cellular RF semiconductor

Beomsup Kim, Cofounder and Co-Chairman

“Storm was the lead investor in the Series A financing for Berkana Wireless and stayed with us for five years. During the time, all the Storm partners were extremely helpful and provided us with precious advice and support. The company grew with them. Especially, Tae Hea was always available and guided us in various ways, including funding strategies, customer relationships, recruiting, business development and product roadmap. Tae Hea is very well connected with the Korean customers and venture capitalists and helped the company get engaged with customers in the early stages and build credit in Korea. From his experience in making successful startups in Silicon Valley, Tae Hea gave us confidence for the company’s ultimate success. With Tae Hea’s help along with support from various venture capitalists and advisors, Berkana Wireless successfully raised Series A and B funds and was eventually acquired by Qualcomm, where the Berkana Engineering team has delivered phenomenal outcomes by producing profitable top selling products and achieving huge revenue. I strongly recommend to have Tae Hea as a partner for a startup. He will guide them to success.”


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